Shiretown Stove & Outdoor Living Installs and Repairs Hot Tubs

Shiretown Stove & Outdoor Living offers hot tub installation and repair to Houlton, ME, and the surrounding areas. Hot tubs are great ways to add extra comfort to a patio or outdoor entertainment area. We offer Nordic hot tubs, fully equipped with special features like Bluetooth, steps, lighting packages, and more. Call us at (207) 538-6346 to schedule an estimate for your hot tub installation.

Our hot tub models include:

Outdoor Spas from Dimension One® for Ultimate Comfort in Houlton, ME

Shiretown Stove & Outdoor Living in Houlton, ME, offers outdoor spas from Dimension One to enhance your outdoor space. These spas come equipped with the ultimate comfort technologies, including the Flex Therapy Pillow™ and the Dynamic Massage Sequencer™ to cater to your whole body. With remote-controlled technology, you can easily find your favorite soaking method. We also offer Liquid FX™ light systems for a beautiful and calming effect. Find inner peace on those long evenings by soaking in your new spa or hot tub. Our team can handle the installation and any possible repairs that come up after purchase. We can also open and close the spa for each season.

Shiretown Offers Hot Tub Supplies and Water Testing

Shiretown Stove & Outdoor Living provides necessary hot tub supplies and water testing to keep your tub running properly. We carry products like chlorine, complete shock, pH, and more to help keep water clean and ready for use. Our team can also test water if you believe there are any issues, like bacteria. Contact us today for more information or stop by to pick up hot tub supplies. Located in Houlton, ME, we proudly serve Patten, ME; Smyrna ME; Medway, ME; and the surrounding areas.